puts some of the most effective and widely used evangelistic tools on your smartphone

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Welcome to GodTools!

... or more specifically the Windows version of GodTools.

The first release is only for Windows Phone using Windows 10, but that will change quickly.

Why GodTools for Windows?

The idea first came about during a presentation of GodTools for a group in my office. When we were asked to download the app to see what it does, I took out my Windows Phone to search for it. In an all too familiar pattern, I could not find the app in the Windows Store. With a small marketshare, that is understandable.

However, this presentation was about tools to be used in Poland for World Youth Day 2016. The idea that even a small number of people would unsuccessfully search for GodTools to use to share their faith with others was unacceptable to me. So began GodTools for Windows Phone. To follow World Youth Day, go to their site: http://worldyouthday.com/krakow-2016

The target quickly became Universal Windows Platform (UWP) for Windows 10, knowing Windows 10 would be released soon. Microsoft made me nervous with delays, but with the final release of Windows 10 (albeit with a smaller pool of supported phones than planned), this app is ready for the marketplace.

If you would like information on the iOS and Android versions, check our their marketplaces and stores, or go to: http://www.godtoolsapp.com/

Tools Available

GodTools includes 4 main tools: *Knowing God Personally *the 4 Spiritual Laws *Satisfied? *EveryStudent.com


However, most importantly, those tools have been translated into many languages. The app allows the user to select a Primary Language (probably their own) and a Parallel language (the language of the person with whom they are sharing), and they can switch between the 2 while flipping through the pages.

What's in this version?

For the first release, only Knowing God Personally is available.

What's next?

The 4 Laws and Satisfied should come very quickly. More work will need to be done for EveryStudent.com, so it will be the last tool to launch.

Next will be the addition of the Tablet and "large screen" versions. GodTools on my Xbox One? Perhaps. We will need to work on "gamification" of the tool.